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Advent Sunday - 29 December 2020
our service for Advent Sunday
Duration: 32:52
Date Recorded: 29/11/2020

Sunday worship 22 November 2020 - Christ the King
In this Sunday's service, we celebrate the feast of Christ the King.
Duration: 34:02
Date Recorded: 21/11/2020

Service of Holy Communion 15 November 2020
Our service this week is one of Holy Communion. Do participate in the act of worship in whatever way feels right to you. If this means having bread and wine as part of this, then we would encourage you to do so. In this service, the mystery of the sacrament meets the mystery of the internet, so there is plenty of room for the work of the Holy Spirit. The service is brought to you by the churches of the Benefice of Rural East York, with The Revd. Mark Poole and The Revd. Nick Bird. It was recorded in St. Nicholas Dunnington, and is the first time that the eucharist has been celebrated in this church since March 2020.
Duration: 37:19
Date Recorded: 14/11/2020

Remembrance Sunday Service 8 November 2020
Welcome to our service from the churches of the Benefice of Rural East York. Wherever you are joining us from, you are very welcome. At minute 33 the service contains two minutes of the names of the fallen from across the Benefice when there is quiet music. If you wish to observe two minutes silence at 11am, starting the service at 10.27 and muting at the point indicated will time things perfectly.
Duration: 38:21
Date Recorded: 07/11/2020

All Saints' Day Service 1 November 2020
In this Sunday's service we commemorate All Saints.
Duration: 29:06
Date Recorded: 31/10/2020

All Souls Service 1 November 2020
Welcome to our Commemoration Service as we remember those who have died, including those whose funerals have been taken in our group of parishes, or by our ministers, over this past year.
Duration: 17:21
Date Recorded: 29/10/2020

Sunday worship 25 October 2020
In this Sunday's service we explore the theme of hope and thanksgiving.
Duration: 33:26
Date Recorded: 25/10/2020

Sunday worship 18 October 2020 - Trinity 19
This Sunday's service explores how we are invited to journey with God, as we reflect on the story from St. Luke's gospel of Jesus sending out the 70 disciples to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom.
Duration: 27:09
Date Recorded: 17/10/2020

Sunday worship 11 October 2020 - Trinity 18
Welcome to our service of worship
Duration: 29:39
Date Recorded: 09/10/2020

Harvest Festival - Sunday 4th October 2020
Welcome to our Harvest Festival service.
Duration: 32:14
Date Recorded: 04/10/2020