Giving to the church

Thank you so much to all of you who support your church with regular giving. The church locally and nationally has been hit hard by coronavirus, in a similar way to the rest of the country. There is a concern that the repercussions of this will be very significant, unless we can meet the issue with generosity and steadfast commitment. You are invited to be part of our response.

Please read this letter regarding our financial situation at St Nicholas Church, sent to church members from our rector Nick Bird in April 2021.

How can I give during the pandemic?

If you arrange your giving via a standing order, then this is the best way of all. It means that the treasurer can predict what is coming in, and your church council can budget accordingly. Thank you. If your giving is usually via the envelope scheme that comes via the plate, then you may wish to continue your practice of setting aside an amount each week and then bringing your envelopes when our churches reopen. However, that might be some time yet, depending on the course of the pandemic. You may wish to consider at this point changing to a standing order. If this is not possible, then perhaps you might think about writing a cheque and passing this on to your church's treasurer or steward.

If your usual practice is to simply put cash in the plate when you do attend worship, perhaps we might encourage you to start giving in a more planned and structured way. The church is always there, and its ministry and costs are fairly consistent. Committed giving is a spiritual response to the constant love of God.

Setting up a standing order

If you decide to give by standing order then please set up the mandate directly through the church rather than through Golden Giving. That way the church receives the full amount (Golden Giving would charge a fee).

Download the DPCC Standing Order Form and the DPCC Gift Aid Declaration Form

Online giving

A one-off gift can be made anytime online using our Golden Giving page.

2020-21 Building Work Appeal

In December 2020 we launched our appeal to raise £100K for essential building maintenance. Most significantly the Tower Room roof needs a complete rebuild and the heating system needs replacing. 

Donations specifically for this appeal can also be made online using the dedicated link


Alternatively, cash or cheques (made payable to Dunnington PCC) can be put through the Rectory Letterbox (Church Street) or via your normal church contacts. Please mark the envelope with “fabric donation”. This will ensure your donation is assigned to the fabric fund used specifically for this work.

For further information, advice or assistance on any of these methods, please contact our treasurer or churchwardens.