Christian Meditation Group

Covid19 Pandemic arrangements

At present we are not meeting together physically for worship and other activities. However, the church is alive and well and meeting for worship and fellowship in other ways.

The Christian Meditation Group is currently on hold. The information below relates to before the pandemic. 

The Christian Meditation Group started life in Spring 2014 and usually meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at St Nicholas church at 7.30pm.

The group is aimed at helping members explore silent, Christian, contemplative prayer.  Contemplative prayer has been part of Christianity from earliest times and has been described as listening for God; opening ourselves to God and waiting silently upon God.  Meetings begin with a time of silent prayer in church led by a group member.  We then have refreshments in the Tower Room giving time for chat and discussion about contemplative prayer.

If this way of praying is of interest to you please contact the Revd Peter Moorhouse, 01904 481055, for more infomation.  Newcomers are welcome!

Please check the calendar for the date of the next meeting as there may be occasional changes to the usual evening.