Holy Communion


All are welcome

Anyone who usually takes Holy Communion is welcome to receive at St Nicholas Church. If you do not wish to take Holy Communion, you are very welcome to come forward to the altar rail to receive a blessing. Please keep your hands by your sides to indicate that this what you would like. 

Wafer only

At present (summer 2021) we are offering communion in one kind only - individual wafers - due to ongoing caution regarding the spread of coronavirus. 

Gluten free

Gluten free wafers are available. Please speak to the person welcoming at the door before the service begins. 

Receiving the sacrament

Normal practice in this benefice is to receive the consecrated bread into the hand. If you prefer not to drink from the common cup, please take the bread only. Intinction (‘dipping’) of the bread is discouraged as a form of receiving the wine because of the health and safety risk of parishioner’s fingers contaminating the wine.