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7. The Fallen

"The Fallen" - Remembered

Herbert Todd was born on 10th July 1889 in Walmgate, York, the 3rd son and 6th child of ‘rullyman’ Henry Todd from Askham Bryan and his wife Eliza (Dent) from Ulleskelf, who had married in York in 1871. [A ‘rully’ was a flat horse-drawn cart with tailboard, used by the railway companies. ]  

In 1891 and in 1901, the family was living at 18 Willis Street, Fulford, York.  Herbert had been working as a railway signalman when, on 11 Jan 1909, he signed up in Portsmouth for a twelve-year engagement with the Royal Navy. In 1915 he married Lily Emily Maud Buckle at York. Lily had been born on 15 July 1889 in Halifax, and baptised on 22 Aug 1890 at St John’s Parish Church.  

Initially a Stoker 2nd Class on HMS Nelson, Herbert gained 1st Class grade a year later, and promotion to Leading Stoker in 1914. Further promotion came in 1916, to Stoker Petty Officer rank. In 1920 he volunteered for extended service, continuing in the Navy until 21 Feb 1923, with a consistent ‘Very Good’ conduct rating throughout his career.  

On ‘shore’ till 1938, Herbert briefly re-entered full Navy service before being de-mobilised on 10 Oct that year.  However he was on the strength of HMS Victory II from 27 Aug 1939, until discharge on 15 Nov 1944 after being declared ‘invalided’ by RN Hospital Haslar.  [‘Victory II’ is the Royal Navy Barracks at Portsmouth, named after Nelson’s wooden flagship preserved in Portsmouth Dockyard.] 

He died on 17 Sep 1947, aged 58, his home address then being Tralee on Hopgrove Lane. His grave in Holy Trinity churchyard at Stockton on the Forest is in the ‘new part’, where it is marked by an official Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone – and listed by CWGC as a war grave.  

Lily had moved to Linton Lodge, St Peter's Grove, York, by the time of her death on 8 Sep 1981 aged 92. Her grave is alongside Herbert’s, in Stockton churchyard.  

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