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Magazine information


Contributions to The Grapevine are very welcome.

Please e-mail your news for the October 2020 issue to Victoria at grapevine.rey@gmail.com by Wednesday 16 September.

Editorial Policy

We warmly invite contributions to The Grapevine. However, owing to limitations of space, we cannot publish everything received. Our priorities are to represent the four villages and publicise news and activities of local interest. Contributions must follow these guidelines:

  • Articles are a maximum of 350 words.
  • Articles are received as unformatted text in a Word document
  • Text is in sentence case, not all capitals
  • Articles are received in black and white
  • Articles are of relevance and interest to local people.
  • Pre-formatted posters can sometimes be accommodated by arrangement with the editor. The text must be clearly legible when the poster is reduced to A7 size.
  • Articles are, where possible, accompanied by a photo or other image. These should be submitted as separate files to the text.

NOTE: All articles are subject to acceptance by the Editorial Committee and may be edited as necessary before publication.