Practical suggestions

Parcel Post boxes

If you have a printer, you can now post parcels without having to visit a post office. This Royal Mail page explains how to use parcel post boxes and pay for postage online. There is a parcel post box on Common Road, on the left as you drive out of the village, just after Hagg Lane and before you reach the Hull Road

Toilet roll shortages!

On the BBC, it has been reported that some people are causing blockages by trying to flush alternatives (e.g. wipes, kitchen towel) (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-51980820). Please don't do this!

Hopefully everyone will be able to access enough toilet roll soon. However, one alternative you may not be aware of is using washable wipes. There are various places online where you can buy these, or you could make your own. There are some instructions on the Guardian website  - in the absence of a sewing machine to hem the edges, pinking scissors should help reduce fraying.