6. Children's Soc.

The Children's Society

As national charity supporting the most vulnerable children in the country, The Children’s Society is making an impact in the region thanks to the support of communities like Dunnington, Stockton, Warthill and Holtby.

On behalf of The Children’s Society, I’d like to say a big thank you to people of these communities for their on-going support through prayer, Christingle and collecting loose change in the charity’s house boxes. With spring now with us and the Christingle season behind us I hope you will keep our work in mind in the coming months.

The Children’s Society (TCS) works with some of the most disadvantaged children in England and your community has been supporting its work for many years. Many readers will be familiar with the Society’s work but for those less so, let me give you some background and bit of an update. 

The Children’s Society has been working to change children’s stories for over a century and it is the charity’s mission to work towards a country where no child feels alone. Not easy with some of the challenges young people face today. 

TCS works directly with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children through its network of frontline services, supported by an army of volunteers. All its work comes together under the umbrella of mental health and wellbeing and we focus our expertise and resources supporting young people between 10 and 18 years of age. Young people we support will be at risk or affected by sexual or criminal exploitation; have run away or be at risk of running away from home or care and consequently at increased risk; young refugee and asylum seekers often unaccompanied, traumatised and vulnerable, trying to rebuild their lives and stay safe; or young people impacted by parental substance or alcohol abuse. Often the young people we work are dealing with multiple and complex challenges, and our recent Good Childhood Report tells us that a quarter of a million young people in this country are unhappy in their lives. We also campaign and lobby government to change legislation that positively impacts the lives of thousands of young people, essential where we can’t have a project working in every community.

It can be tough out there for our young people but TCS, with your support, is working hard to make a difference.

From our office in Leeds, The Children’s Society is working across Yorkshire. We have a team of project workers working directly with young people affected by criminal and sexual exploitation, offering 121 support and training other professionals. We have trained railway staff including ticket collectors and guards to spot the signs of young people being trafficked to sell drugs as part of our extensive work with County Lines, and we have a national team of CSE Prevention Officers working in partnerships with the police, local authorities and businesses to implement prevention and awareness strategies. We are also delivering training and workshops through our My Voice project to build resilience, confidence and emotional wellbeing. Not to mention our national and local campaigns work that seeks to change legislation that affects the lives of young people.

There is a lot going on at TCS and with your support we can continue to work with young people who need us the most. We believe no child should feel alone but right now there are children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. The Children’s Society works with these young people step by step, for as long as it takes.

Thank you for supporting the work of The Children’s Society and if you would like to know more or get involved, maybe by simply taking a house box for your home, office or business, please contact Eve Scoreby 489008 or Helen Whiteley at The Children’s Society helen.whiteley@childrenssociety.org.uk or 0113 257 9629.

A Prayer from The Children's Society

God of compassion, at this time of crisis, we bring before you the peoples of our country and the world.
We ask for your blessing and strength for those working tirelessly to protect and save life.
We pray especially for vulnerable children and young people who are at greater risk during this time:
Those who are not safe at home;
Those who may be plunged into even greater poverty;
Those whose fragile mental health may worsen;
Those who feel abandoned and alone.
Draw near to all who suffer in mind, body or spirit.
We also pray for staff of The Children’s Society as they find new ways to support these young people in challenging circumstances.
Please bless their efforts and keep all with whom we work safe from harm.
We ask this in the precious name of Jesus.