Covid19 Pandemic arrangements

At St Nicholas Church we are blessed to have people of all ages joining us for worship on a Sunday and mid-week and for a range of other activities. We especially try to provide activities for the many retired people who live in the village.

Many activities had to stop during the Covid pandemic, while others moved online. Some are now re-starting in person. Please follow the links below to find out what is happening with each.

Here are some regular events you are welcome to come along to:

During the year, we also run a number of special events including a: Christingle Service, Star Party, Scarecrow Trail, Pentecost Party, Rogation Walk, BBQ etc. Look out for these on the News page or check out the Calendar to see all of our services and events.

If you would like to help serve, read, lead prayers, run our children's group or serve coffee during the services or help with any of the regular or special events, we would love to hear from you! Please speak to one of the church leaders.