What is Easter?

For Christians, Easter is the most important time of the year because of what happened to Jesus over 2,000 years ago. 

On the Thursday before Easter, Jesus washed the feet of his friends to show us that we should love and serve one another. On the Friday before Easter, Jesus was killed by people who were afraid and jealous of him. Through his death he took the punishment we deserve for the wrong we have done, making a way for us to be right with God. 

On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrate this day because he defeated death and offers us forgiveness for the wrong we do.

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Come and celebrate with us!

You are very welcome to join us for any of the services and events happening at St Nicholas Church during Holy Week and Easter, which are all listed on our calendar

You would also be welcome to any of the services and events running across the rest of the Benefice (Stockton, Holtby and Warthill). Here is a full list of 2018 Holy Week and Easter services in the Benefice.

Holy Week Services - what are they all about?
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List of Holy Week and Easter Services in the Benefice
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