11. Quiz

Holtby Trader International Quiz

If increased leisure has helped you develop your quiz skills, try these Dingbats. 

What is a Dingbat? Try these and you’ll find out how difficult they are: You have to work out the relationships between the given elements, as in:

Don’t klat  = Don’t talk backwards

In case you’re stretched beyond bearing, a section below has clues to help you

  1. PePPermint
  2. DR. do
  3. Thejackbox
  4. -entury
  5. M ce M ce M ce
  6. ecnalG
  7. T   M
    A   U
    H   S
    W   T
  8. POToooooooo
  9. Knee
  10. Search


  1. item of furniture
  2. talked to animals
  3. jumps up
  4. hello old friend
  5. No see
  6. look behind you
  7. up and down
  8. spuds
  9. bright shine
  10. look hard


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