Newsletter 15.11.20

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Newsletter of the Benefice of Rural East York for Sunday 15 November 2020.

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Lectionary Corner

16 Nov:    Margaret, Queen of Scotland, Philanthropist, Reformer of the Church  1093
17 Nov:    Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln  1200
18 Nov:    Elizabeth, Princess of Thuringia, Philanthropist  1231
19 Nov:    Hilda, Abbess of Whitby  680
20 Nov:    Edmund, King of the East Angles, Martyr  870

You can access this week's Lectionary readings and prayers
Lectionary readings and prayers for this week starting Sunday 15 November 2020.

A prayer from the Methodist Circuit

We pray for places where people are not free to worship you, 
and for people who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus;
Lord, help us shine your light and share our faith.

We pray for those who fear for the future,
those facing job uncertainty or loss,
those anxious about the continued impact of the Covid pandemic;
Lord, help us shine your light and share your hope.

We pray for those who are ill,
those facing loneliness, isolation and separation from loved ones;
Lord, help us shine your light and share your love.