Giving in Grace

February is an important and exciting month for St Nicholas’ Church. We are looking to the future and what we want to achieve. With your help the “Giving in Grace “Stewardship programme will ensure we have enough funds to maintain and develop your Church.    

Our vision is:

to meet our giving shortfall and increase our community impact. We want to improve our communications, Tower Room facilities and family support.

Funds are needed to maintain and develop our programme and buildings. We also need to make a fair contribution to the costs of the clergy. We have an ambitious target of increasing our regular giving by £400 per week. Help from existing givers and new givers will be much appreciated.

The programme will help everyone consider their own personal giving. Watch out for the brochures, the Tower Room displays and information in the sermons. Those who attend worship at St Nicholas will receive a personal letter from Revd Nick Bird. For those who want more information there will be drop in sessions on Sunday 19th February  after the 10.30am service, Wednesday 22 February after the 9am service and Tuesday 28th February 7.30pm in the Tower Room.

For the series of preaching, we shall be using material from the Giving in Grace website, which use four different parables from Matthew's gospel. If you are interested, you can see the references, along with a paragraph from each week's material and the website address, on this Giving in Grace preaching programme.

If you want any further information please contact Peter Helm (01904 481376) or speak with Revd Nick Bird.

The Rector and the Churchwardens

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